Dual Shades – Solar Shades and Roller Shades in one


We all are constantly looking for more versatility and functionality, and the same can be said for window treatments. When purchasing beautiful solar shades with see through capability to ensure a screened view out during the day, we might regret when evening time rolls around and we feel like a fish in a fishbowl. Now privacy is out the window. But if we go for the shade with privacy, what about the day time, when we’d like to cut some of UV rays and glare, but would enjoy our view outside? Good news is, there are options available today that will give us more flexibility. We are thinking of a new product called Dual Shades, made by Bali, which give us the functionality of two shades in one.

How do they work? Two shades are actually combined onto one bracket. By having the choice of two fabrics, a darkening or privacy rated material could be first choice while the second fabric could be a solar shades or sheer shade material with a view. In other words each shade may be configured with solar or roller shade fabrics. This allows us to maximize the view to the outside with a sheer or solar shade material, while maximizing privacy with a roller fabric, creating versatile light-control and privacy levels for any room and interior. Each fabric can be lowered or raised independently as needed. Depending on time of day, privacy needs and desired protection of interior decor, either shade can be lowered to achieve the desired results.

Furthermore Dual Shades give the added flexibility in regards to design choice. While one fabric could be a print, floral design or texture, the other could be of different color, solid etc, allowing to display the fabric you chose at that moment. Optional and design features are the same as on roller or solar shades. Available choices are cordless lift or beaded chain, valances, cassette system and more.

A couple of recommendations one wants to consider are the following. The shade that is closest to the window should be the darkening shade, that regulates more of the light and therefore provides greater insulation. The front of the shades should be the one that matches room decor, possibly has optional trim, scallops or other finishing touches. Color-coordinated bead chains are available for front and back shades and do not have to be uniform.

Many other design styles can be chosen, as the oversized cassette or cornice for a finished look. But the best way to start is to browse fabrics, colors and materials and add options from there. We are sure you are just as excited as we are that Dual Shades are now available. Functionality has just added another dimension.

How Can I Sell My Car Quickly?

Unless you already apperceive of anyone in the bazaar to buy a secondhand car, you may wish to attending into a few things afore you sell. Here are a few means that helped me advertise Sell My Car for banknote and get a actual acceptable bulk for it.

First stop was to analysis online to see what added cars like abundance were traveling for. After analogous up year, make, and archetypal and looked for cars in agnate condition. Afore accepting started selling, addition footfall in the action was to see what agnate makes and models were getting awash for, and not just in my area, but aswell in surrounding towns to get the best all-embracing account of what my car was worth.

Since I had not planned to go through commercial in a bounded bi-weekly or in an advert on my cars itself, I arrested online to see if there were car dealers or allotment barter operators searching for cars like mine. Although allotment to handle the auction myself was not an advantage I had abundant time for, I did acerb accede this as it would acquiesce me to set the bulk and be added in ascendancy of the sale. This is a time arresting choice, so be able to put in a lot of time commercial if you accept to advertise this way and not use a dealer.

Ultimately, I was able to advertise almost quickly, the baby problems my car did accept were annihilation to backbite from the absorption of a austere client and as the acclimated car bazaar has been actual aggressive and my car had annihilation added than reasonable abrasion and tear, I was able to get a actual acceptable bulk of banknote if I was alive to for my vehicle. If you accept all your adjustment orders, aliment paperwork, and accord your car a absolute cleaning, there is no acumen you should accept any problems if it comes time to advance with affairs your vehicle.